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In 2008, after five years of research, I found and bought an island on Kabenung Lake in the Algoma District of Northern Ontario, Canada. I was looking for a similar lake to Vickers Lake, further west and north of Minnesota, where Barbara’s dad purchased a small fishing camp in 1973. I met Barbara in 1978, and in 1979 she invited me to join her, Denae, and her brother John for my first trip to the island. Every summer, we would go to Vickers, enjoying 25 years of wonderful vacations. When the Vickers camp sold, we continued to go to Canada in the summer, enjoying Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta,

Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. Though we loved other parts of Canada, we missed the magic of Northern Ontario. I had always dreamed of having a log home on a lake in either Northern Minnesota or Canada, so I began the search and eventually settled on the island on Kabenung Lake.


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